Illustrations and Design

Freelance  for clients big and small. Happy scrolling!

Cd Cover

The images below was for a local cartoonist. Dave Klug employed me to help him out on a new website dedicated to environment awareness for kids. More info here

Finishing by Dave Klug

finishes by Dave Klug

Wedding art for happy brides and grooms.

Birthday Party

Invite for graduation
Book Cover for a new author

The images below are for a golf instruction book where I did chapter and game illustrations.
View more here.

Some flyers for a movie night at a local gallery 

This image was for a local pop up book store 

For a local day camp for girls 
This is  for a comedian, it's one of his closing jokes about relationships

This is a logo for a popular local website about bad drivers in Pittsburgh

The following pictures are personal stuff I did on the side 

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